POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR PROPERTY  Allows you to name a person to act on your behalf regarding financial decision-making. This tool is crucial and helps to avoid court expenses and oversight should you become unable to competently handle your own affairs. This document enables you to identify a specific trigger event (such as a court's determination of your incapacity or a physician's written declaration of your incapacity) that would transfer decision-making power to your agent. Given that it MUST be executed at a time when the client is competent, it is absolutely critical to plan in advance. Many people delay this important planning step until it's too late.

POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR HEALTH CARE  Allows you to name a person to make your health care decisions should you become unable to do so. This crucial document enables you to outline, in advance, what your preferences for care would be in a medical crisis where you are unable to make decisions on your own behalf. It expresses your wishes in a way that could one day minimize pain for you and your loved ones.

ILLINOIS DECLARATION  Allows you to make your desires known that the moment of your death shall not be artificially postponed if, at any time, you should have an incurable and irreversible injury, disease, or illness judged terminal by your attending physician who has personally examined you and determined that your death is imminent except for death-delaying procedures.